We like food. We like good manners. We like nice shirts, tough cars and our charcoal oven. We like meat that had a good life. We like to make you feel good. We are The Real Gentlemen & co.

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People say OMG if they eat our dishes.
What they mean: I need this everyday.

Everything we make is authentic, based on old recipes and always with the best fair ingredients. But, comfort food is more than that. Comfort food is, just like the rest in the world, continuously changing. So, we follow the trends, cook, try and change and guarantee that there is always something on the menu you love (or need).


Why they call us Real Gentlemen


We care about animal welfare

Off course, we love good meat, just like you.
But, we also care about animal welfare and only sell meat from animals that had a great life. Most of our meat is coming from fair farmers in The Netherlands. Farmers with enough space, good food and comfortable stalls.


We care about style 

Our gentlemen always wear a white shirt and black tie. They love to drive a Land Rover Defender, although that can be an expensive hobby. They love a gentleman lifestyle and really like to talk about that.

We care about people in need

We as, real gentlemen, care about people in need. We work together with the Salvation Army, the largest foundation that cares about homeless people, teen moms, health care and many more good things. The Real Gentlemen helps by organize BBQ events for homeless people.  


We care about good tools

The Real Gentlemen & co. works together with cool brands such as KOPA. KOPA is the best charcoal oven you can have and can best be described as a fucking hot oven (up to 600 degrees), but then with charcoal. And that gives an amazing taste.